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Over the past ten years, CharterWest Bank has grown into a major force in Nebraska residential mortgage lending.  CharterWest Bank Mortgage Centers, located all across the state, are leading producers of Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA) sponsored loans, USDA Rural Housing loans, and Federal Housing Authority (FHA) loans.  We have a staff of over 30 trained professionals whose only job is to write home mortgages. We can provide you with an array of products designed to best suit your needs. We underwrite our own loans and have access to many specialized products. Because of that, our times for pre-qualification, approval, and closing are among the fastest in the industry.

Mortgages are our specialty, and we understand the importance of your needs in the home buying or refinancing process.


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Our loan options include:

Conventional Loan Programs
We offer both Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans (ARM’s) with varying terms.

Government Loan Programs
We offer FHA, VA, and USDA (RD) loans through each respective agency.  CharterWest Bank is considered one of the leading lenders in Nebraska to offer these government programs that allow low and no down payments.  We have been the Top Lender of Nebraska’s USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Loan Program for four years running.

This program is a fixed rate designed for first-time buyers and offers smaller or no down payment options.
CharterWest Bank is one of the leading lenders in Nebraska on this program.

Reverse Mortgages
A Reverse Mortgage is a loan that allows seniors over 62 to borrow money for almost any reason using the equity in their home and does not require monthly payments.

Many options and programs are available for most any borrowing need, including lowering costs and reducing the existing term of your mortgage.

Construction Loans
We offer short term construction loans to help you build your dream home. We also offer extended lock options for your permanent financing to handle all of your needs.

Jumbo Loans
We offer non-conforming fixed and adjustable rate loans that are above agency guidelines with various terms.

Get started the easy way with a pre-qualification

If you are just starting to look for that dream home we can help you choose the right loan that will match your qualifications to the lowest cost.  With the many options available our mortgage team of professionals is ready to help you through this complex process with no obligation and no pressure.

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