Service Charge Summary

Service charges effective as of April 1, 2023 at CharterWest Bank

The following fees may be assessed against your account:

NSF Return Item Fee* $25.00 per item
Overdraft Fee – Item Paid* $25.00 per item
Negative Balance Fee (7 Consecutive Days) $25.00 per week
Stop Payments $25.00 per request
Stop Payment Renewal                                                                        $25.00 per request
ATM Withdrawal (4 free non-CharterWest ATM withdrawals/statement cycle) $1.50 (at non-CharterWest ATM machines)
Personal Money Orders $5.00 each
Cashier’s Checks $10.00 each
Garnishments $50.00 each
Levies $50.00 each
Additional or Replacement VISA Check Card $10.00 each
Incoming Collection Item $20.00 each
International Item Deposited $20.00 each
Deposited Item Chargeback $5.00 each (business accounts only)
Account Research $25.00 per hour ($25.00 minimum)
Account Balancing Assistance $25.00 per hour ($25.00 minimum)
Special Statement $1.00 per page
Multiple Mailing Fee $5.00 per month (per multiple statement)
Photocopies $.20 each
Wire Transfers (outgoing) $30.00 each
Single ACH Transfers (outgoing) $30.00 each
Incoming Fax $5.00 each
Outgoing Fax $10.00 each
Dormant Account Fee (no activity for 1 year) $3.00 per month
Check Cashing Fee – Non-customer $1.00 per $100 ($3.00 minimum)
Coin Changing Fee 5% of total ($3.00 minimum)
Counter Checks $1.00 per page (4 checks)

*CharterWest assesses NSF return item fees or overdraft fees when a charge is presented for payment but cannot be covered by the balance in your account. Charges may be by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means. In some cases, the same transaction may result in multiple charges if merchants re-present the same electronic payment or check more than once.