Business Loans

Business Loan Programs
Let CharterWest be your business partner.  We can provide the cash to make it run more smoothly and operate more profitably.  Our experienced loan officers will work with you to custom tailor a plan to your business needs.  We take pride in lending with a positive attitude.  And, no cookie-cutter solutions here – your business is unique and deserves its own loan program, with repayment plans designed to fit your cash flow. 
Business Operating Loans
We can help finance your inventory, your accounts receivable, and general operating cash needs.  Smooth out those “bumps” in your cash flow.

SBA LogoSmall Business Administration (SBA) Loans

CharterWest Bank is an approved lending partner with the Small Business Administration (SBA). Whether you’re an existing business or a startup, at CharterWest we’re eager to help. We offer guaranteed loans from the Small Business Administration and we can help guide you through the process.  But we don’t stop there.  Our loan officers partner with you to determine whether or not your business is best served by an SBA loan.  CharterWest’s flexible loan programs often provide non-SBA loan solutions that help our customers avoid the additional time and costs that may be involved in an SBA loan. Let’s talk.

Equipment Financing
Your business can’t operate without good equipment. We can help you purchase or refinance computers and office equipment, manufacturing tools and machinery, construction equipment and vehicles.

Business Facility Loans
Is your business outgrowing its facilities?  Are you renting and would like to own?  Check out our various options for long-term financing of your buildings and property.

Construction & Real Estate
Are you a builder or contractor? Let us provide the money to finance your project. We can help with both residential and commercial construction projects.

Government-Guaranteed Loans

We can help you obtain guaranteed loans for your business or your farm operation. See us for more information.