What is CharterLive Interactive Teller?

CharterLive is an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM).  ITMs look similar to an ATM, but with one big difference — you can speak with a CharterWest teller through two-way live video.  Our friendly Interactive Tellers can assist with virtually any transaction you can do in person including:

  • Cashing checks to the penny
  • Making payments to loans
  • Withdrawing cash
  • Depositing checks and cash (no deposit slips needed!)
  • Making transfers
  • Exchange bills

Are we closing drive-thrus?

Our West Point, Elkhorn, Papillion, and Walthill drive-thru lanes will continue to be open during drive-thru hours.  Pender’s drive-through has been converted to an ITM/ATM lane, allowing us to widen the drive there.

How does it work?

You simply touch the screen to get started and one of our tellers will appear on-screen. After that, they will guide you through your transaction. It’s that easy!

Will there still be tellers at the banks?

Absolutely! Even with CharterLive, there will always be tellers inside our banks during our lobby and/or drive-thru hours.

Why are ITMs great for our CharterWest customers?

By utilizing the ITMs, CharterWest is able to offer customers extended hours, Spanish- and English-speaking tellers, and an additional option to doing your banking. Another benefit is you’ll likely experience shorter lines in the drive-thru while still receiving live, personal assistance.

Will my transaction take longer to post than it does with a traditional teller?

No, transactions through CharterLive will post that same day — even after 4pm! Deposits made with a CharterLive Interactive Teller, will post the same-day. Weekday hours for CharterLive are 8am to 6pm, and Saturday are 8am to 12pm.

Where are the tellers located?

Our CharterLive Interactive Tellers are located at our Main Bank in West Point, Nebraska.

Where will the machines be located?

As of May 2024, we have ITMs in West Point, Elkhorn, Papillion, Gretna, South Omaha, Pender, and Walthill. We have plans to expand our CharterLive network to other locations to best serve our customers.

Can I put coins in the machine? Can I receive coins?

While you cannot deposit coins into the machine, we can dispense pennies, nickels, and quarters.

Am I able to get a cashier’s check or money order from the machine?

Cashier’s checks, money orders, rolled coin dispensing, as well as account opening and applying for a loan, cannot be done through CharterLive. Our tellers or loan officers inside the bank can help you with these transactions.

Can I still use ATM features without a live teller to assist me?

Yes. Our machines will still let you use it as an ATM if you simply want to withdraw cash. CharterLive is ideal for transactions that require a personal teller.

Is my conversation with an interactive teller private?

Yes, your conversations are as private as if you were standing in line inside the bank. If you need more privacy, there is a chat feature that allows you to type to the teller.

When are the hours of CharterLive?

You can use CharterLive Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 8am until 12pm. Excluding bank holidays.

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